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Making Lesson Plans in STI Now

Lesson Plans STI Now Printout Download in PDF format

To create Lesson Plans in STINow:

1. Open the class gradebook
Picture 1

2. Click on the PLAN tab (to the left of Scores)
3. The click the Add button to create a new lesson plan and it will open up the Plan window.
Picture 2
4. Make sure the date is set to what you want it and then fill in all the necessary information in the form, Unit, Category, Activity Name, etc.  You can also click the Graded check box if you know the total points of the activity and it will automatically insert it in your gradebook.
5. However, BE VERY CAREFUL, because if you have put grades in for that activity and then later uncheck that box for some reason in your lesson plan it will ERASE THE GRADES THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED IN  YOUR GRADEBOOK!  JUST BE CAREFUL!

Picture 3
6. After you’ve filled in all the necessary information, then click on the CREATE button.  This will now allow you to get to the COMMENTS, OBJECTIVE AND RESOURCES tab.
7.  Your actual plan will go in the COMMENTS TAB and then if you put your objectives they will obviously go in  the OBJECTIVE tab, etc.
8.  But, you have to click CREATE in order to activate these tabs to be able to input information for your lesson plan.
Picture 4
9. As mentioned before, these tabs are now active and can be changed and the CREATE button changes to OK.
Picture 5
10. Now enter all the information you need for your plan.  I’ve noticed that there is a limit to the amount of characters you can input, so you’ll need to kind of condense your plans and it doesn’t seem to like quotation marks either!  It will throw you an error message and not save.  Just keep it simple and concise and limit your use of odd symbols and it should work fine.
11. When you’re done, click OK to save and then CLOSE to exit and you should have your lesson plans now available to see and use.

Picture 6

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